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Russian girl DP 10

Date: Iun 06, 2019 Runtime: 32:00

Best life ever, stress level -100, sun and green and above all of that, I don’t care about anything, and for that I brought this whore to sit on my dick and my friend’s dick and to have a threesome, one will fuck her in her ass, and one in her pussy, and we fucked her in the swimming pool, and underwater, her nipples were a whole another lever, subscribe now to see this bitch get fucked.


First DP 10

Date: Mai 18, 2019 Runtime: 32:00

For the first time in the history First DP on Deviantass best film ever filmed, me and my friend fucking this bitch hard in her ass and her pussy till she sqwert so bad she filled the room with water, and she sucked our dicks and put them in her mouth till our dicks touched each other, best whore in town.


loving souls 10

Date: March 14, 2019 Runtime: 40:00

Noor Salim she a nice woman, who got married on her 19th birthday from a man who was kind and loved his family and his work, but unluckily he got very sick, and he had to die in a young age, and he left his women alone to fight. His wish was to be buried in their house, which was not the best thing for Noor, for years he has been coming to her in her dreams and fuck her. She got fed with this situation so she had to call Bandar, who came and helped her in his way, buy fucking her from all her holes… lets hope that Bandars dick was good and he freed her from her husband soul.


My wife is a bitch 10

Date: Jan 16, 2019 Runtime: 40:00

When Bandar decided to marry an Arabic women, and to live with her peacfully, and after all the ceremonies, and all the fun they officially became hansbend and wife, and after the honeymoon, bandar felt that something wired is happening in his house, so he started spying on his wife, and one day he came back home and he didnt see her, so went and started searching for her on the streets and he saw her with a guy flirting and hugging, so he beated them hard, and took his wife home and fucked her hard, and devorced her.


The condoms seller 10

Date: Jan 08, 2019 Runtime: 32:00

So guys today I was making an episode of premature ejaculation, and I went to the mall to buy a special condom, it’s a condom that has a cream that u can put it on your dick, and it will prolong your sex time, so I went to the mal and searched for it, but I didn’t find, so I found this late 20s nice women working there so I asked her, hey were I can find this condom, and she told me where, I asked her and how can I use it, she said use it with ur gf, I told her that I don’t have one, and I am making an episode for premature ejaculation and my guys will be mad if I don’t do it, so she said that she cant cos she has to work, I told her I will give u ur salary for the whole month, come with me to make the episode and then u can leave, she came and I fucked her anally.


Room survice at its best 10

Date: DEC 07, 2018 Runtime: 32:00

One day Antonio was in a party somewhere in Ibiza with his friends, but he felt a but tiered so he had to go back to his hotel room, he slept, and in the next day a girl from the room service showed up, and she started bothering him, and she wanted to clean, he didn’t say anything, and when the women was cleaning, she got super wet from the shower, she got angry, she wanted to leave, but Antonio didn’t let her go like this, he took her clothes to put them in the dryer and when he saw her naked like this, he started fucking her pussy and her ass, till he dryed her pussy also


Dont buy the slave without a stick 10

Date: Nov 30, 2018 Runtime: 32:00


Bandar needs a secretary 10

Date: Nov 14, 2018 Runtime: 32:00

Bandar came to europe, and he started his business plans he needed a nice secretary, a girl to help him with his work, and maybe also to fuck from now and then, so he was checking online till he saw a nice CV with a nice pic, he called a nice voice answerd, he asked her if she can come, and she was on time, they had a small interview and then Bandar wanted to show her his work, but when he opened his computer a porn film went on directly from the last time when he was jurking off, the girl started laughing and started touching him to make him calm, Bandar got an errection, and was embarrassed, but she was a clever girl and started sucking his dick.