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Sex from the first sight 9.0

Date: March 24, 2018 Runtime: 28:00

Antonio started moving from a village to another till he arrived to the cockolds village, where its filled with cockolds, and filled with unsatisfied women, he started searching for an apartment, till he found one and he bought it, and one day he was in the elevator going to his apartment, he met a beautiful neighbor, and they started looking at each other with a bit of shyness in their eyes, no one said anything but her eyes were saying everything, as if she was begging him to fuck her, she left the elevator and her eyes were on him, as if she is telling him: come follow me, she went to her apartment closed the door and hoped that someone will knock the door, and exactly that what happened, she opened and it was him, he pushed the door and entered and he started kissing her till they fucked.


Friendship but from a diffrent kind 8.5

Date: March 03, 2018 Runtime: 33:00

Tiffany and Maria are friends scinse 9 years, they are good friends and they understand each other, they hangout a lot togather in their free time but like other friends they started tasting each other's body and all that started with a hot kiss in a bar in Amesterdam when maria's bf broke up with her and she started crying, they both were under the influence of alcohol, Tiffany couldnt stand watching her best friend crying infront of her so she kissed her lips to show her that she is not alone, they kept on exchanging kisses till they came back to their hotel room, they started taking off their clothes a piece after the other and then maria whispered in tiffany's ear, why didnt we do this before, and till now Maria and Tiffany even though they are married, they keep on having sex togather, cos that makes them feel a diffrent type of pleasure and makes their sexual life interesting in a way, and here Antonio filmed them togather and him also couldnt just watch, he tought about throwing the camera and intervene, so when u see them, u see the love and friendship between their kisses and hugs, when they put the big dildo in their ass they get a feeling that tiffany described it with the beutifull pain.


The cuckold!! and who doesnt know who is the cuckold, actually they are normal people who live among us and they act just normal, but in the end of the day they look at their wifes and hope on a bull to come and fuck their wifes for them, and there is a lot of theories about cuckolds, to understand more their behavior, and what makes them what they are, some of these hypothesis says that the cuckold is a clever man who doesnt consider his wife as his propertie and he gives her freedom, and some say that they like to be humilated and that they have a fetish and they get aroused by watching their partners getting fucked infrot of their eyes, cuckolds exist since forever, and they are mentioned in a lot of old and historical books, and in this serie of no dignity and no Honor for the cuckold, we will show the diffrent types of cuckolds, case by case. Episod1: Angred and her husband, they are a nice couples who loves each other, and they have a normal lovely life, but the husband has this fetish and he keeps on searching for a bull every where, and every time, to satisfy his fetish and also his horny wife, and thats when Antonio sent both of them to (Meshal) who spent a whole week with them and he kept on fucking his wife, and humilate him, and steped on his head, and peed on him and on his wife and over all that the cuckold goes back to Antonio and said that he didnt have enough, and begged for more humilation, cos the cuckold knew that Antonio can humilate him the right way


Give the employe his salary before his sweat dry off 8.9

Date: Feb 14, 2018 Runtime: 39:00

in a summer day, antonio’s pretty servant was cleaning the house and taking care of his stuff, with attention and care, cos she is a woman who is a workaholic and she loves her job more than anything and she doesn’t accept any money if she didnt earn that money, and during the time she was cleaning, Antonio went out of the shower, with his towel on him, and when she saw him like this, she became very shy and her face become red, so she hit him by mistake and his towel felt off and his famous dick came out, and when she saw his dick she became super horny and her pussy became super wet, so she went fast to the other room and started fingering her pussy so antonios wont feel that she became horney because of him, but actually antonios knew and he went to her and he stuffed his dick in side of her till her pussy became dry as a towel, but her body was full of sweat so antonio went fast and he grabbed his money and he gave her money and told the famous saying : give the employe his salary before his sweat dry off


when a dream becomes true 9.9

Date: Jan 25, 2018 Runtime: 25:00

a lot of people think that dreams are the only dreams we see in our sleep, and that we feel it as if its real, and sometimes we wake up sad or even happy, till we realize that it was only a dream, but infact, the real dreams are the dreams that we have when we are awake, and they are called the daydreaming, Fatima the girl in her 20s and her life is full with hope and happines, but like any other girl in her age and position, she doesnt get a lot of sexual atention or not even a sentimental one, so she alwayse tried to compensate this with watching porn on the internet, and she was a big fan of Antonio, she used to watch all his movies, and masturbate on them and she used to imagine him with her while she masturbate, till she started feeling him next to her, and till she started feeling the heat of his body on her body and imagine him fucking her in all the possible positions, till she wakes up again from her daydreaming and relize that she is still a presener of her virginity.


Your neighbor is always a priority 9.9

Date: Jan 17, 2018 Runtime: 23:00

who of us doesnt know the stories of the falling clothes from the drying lines on the balkony, each of us have lost a sock or an underwear on these lines. Antonio had a very beautiful neighbor that she collect all the clothes that falls from his balkony and she would give it to him again but she was always curios when she finds womens underwear with diffrent sizes and shapes, as if she felt that antonio is like human dildo, that fucks day and night, so she thought about going to him and asking him if about these womens underwear and she wanted also to add her underwear to these collection of falling underwears, and one day she had the brave to go and ask him, but he already knew what exactly she wants, so he lets her in and he offered her some wine, she drinks till she sat on the wines bottle and he fucked her so bad but she didnt scream loud so her husband wont hear the sounds of her getting fucked through the walls.


Bandar fucks his teacher from her vagina 9.9

Date: Jan 10, 2018 Runtime: 23:00

When bandar first moved from the middle east to Europe to sign contracts with some foriegn compenies , he noticed that his English wasn't as good as he thought, so he started improving it by attending private lessons with his great teacher Coco, but Coco was a bit tough on him and she made sure he comes to all her classes even though he had a busy program, and in one of the classes Bandar felt so timid when Coco saw his erection through his traditional white dashdasha, but she didnt want him to feel awkward so she started helping him to calm down his erection so he can concentrate more on improving his English.


the Syrian Antonio is fucking the cockold's wife 9.9

Date: Dec 29, 2017 Runtime: 31:00

October 2015 when Alexandra attended her physics class for the first time, and met her new teacher, robert also known as rubi, rubi was clever and nice, and she was super pretty they both fell in love. 2016 robert proposed to alexandra, and she accepted right away, and they started a lovely family with their dog Max, they went through difficulties of life togather with a smile on their faces. in the age of 43 Rubi started having a strange feeling when he sees his wife with his friends, as if the jelousy went out of him, and got changed with something diffrent, he started watching cockold's porn and he discovered that this makes him horney, he told his wife about this, and they both desided to go visit Antonio, at that time Antonio was known to be a bufalo for the cockolds, Antonio humilated rubi and fucked his wife infront of him, and after that Rubi became the biggest cockold of all times, he started cockolding with all his family, strating from his mom, to all his sisters.